We’re a Boston-area club dedicated to building a community of LGBTQI climbers.


Whether you are a newbie, professional, or anything in between, join us in coming together to enjoy the sport of climbing. We climb at several gyms all around Boston – take a look below and find a location that works best for you.

How Do I Climb? Help!

If it’s your first time, just show up and we or the rock gyms will give you an orientation covering safety and logistics to get you started.

Becoming a good climber requires effort and time. We’ll help support your growth by helping you get acclimated to the gym through our community of supportive peers from whom you can learn skills like climbing technique and mental strength.

Unlike other sports, indoor climbing requires specially constructed facilities (rock gyms). While you don’t have to pay QuICK to climb with us, you will have to pay the rock gyms we climb at for entrance to their climbing facilities.

Figuring out how much to pay can be complicated. Through QuICK, discounted rates at rock gyms during QuICK events are available. However, depending on several factors, a rock gym membership may be more financially beneficial for you. Find more information on gym prices and discounted rates here.

Our Weekly Climbs

A different QuICK member hosts each of our weekly climbs.  Sometimes, they’ll ask another person to co-host or cover for them — if you’re coming to a weekly climb for the first time, the staff at that gym should always be able to point you to QuICK folks!

Mondays @ CRG Cambridge

Our Monday climbing location in West Cambridge! Bouldering is available at this facility, there are no top-roping or lead climbing areas.

This location has only bouldering and fitness options. Parking is onsite and free, there is also a bike rack near the entrance. The gym entrance has a stairway of 5 steps, without a ramp, but there is an elevator. The Men’s locker room also has a small stairway leading down to enter. There is are a Men’s and Women’s locker room, which have lockers, toilets, showers, changing rooms and a sauna.

Central Rock Gym Cambridge
127 Smith Pl.
Cambridge, MA 02138

6:00pm – 8:00pm
Climb Leader: Andrew

Tuesdays Nights & Thursdays Mornings @ MetroRock

Our second climbing location! Bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing are available at this facility.

Please be aware, you must pass MetroRock’s belay test to top-rope.

Parking is free and onsite. There are Men’s, Women’s, and a single person bathroom available. The facility is on one level, no steps or ramps into the entrance or main climbing areas. There is one mezzanine level, which is only accessible via bouldering to the top, via a flight of stairs. The majority of the flooring a cushioned pad, which is flush with the ground level.

MetroRock Everett
69 Norman St #9
Everett, MA 02149

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Climb Leaders: Erik & Jana

Thursday mornings coming soon!
Climb Leaders: Natalie

Fridays @ Bouldering Project

This is where QuICK’s first climbs started. Bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing are available at this facility.

If you would like to pass the belay test, you must pass using a Gri-Gri, if you do not know how to belay but would like to top-rope, link up with the Climb Leader for help!

This facility has a ramp and stairs to access the entrance, once inside, the facility is split between two levels, which is accessible via stairs and an elevator. There are two single person bathrooms, one is level with the 1st floor, the 2nd is two steps down with a handrail. There are also a Men’s and Women’s bathrooms with a locker room attached. The locker rooms have a dry sauna and two showers available. There area also cubbies and lockers scattered throughout the gym, which are free to use. The top-roping and leading areas on the 1st floor have a cushioned mat as the flooring, and there is a metal transition from the concrete to mat floor. All top-rope stations are double looped at the top and have a Gri-Gri attached on the belayer’s end. You may not use your own belay device to top-rope.

Boston Bouldering Project
12A Tyler St
Somerville, MA 02143

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Climb Leader: Sarah

Sundays @ Rock Spot

Our third location over in South Boston! Bouldering and top-roping are available at this facility.


Rock Spot South Boston
30 Old Colony Ave
South Boston, MA 02127

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Climb Leader: TBA

Other Climbs >>

Can’t make it out to any of these?

Folks organize organic meetups throughout the week on our Facebook group. Join in, or let people know when you’re climbing!

Our Special Events

High Ropes @ MetroRock

Join us at MetroRock as they open up their high ropes obstacle course for us. This event also includes climbing, pizza, and a post-climb meetup!

MetroRock Everett
69 Norman St. #9
Everett, MA 02149

Next: TBA, held bianually

Other Events >>

We have many other one-time events that happen throughout the year, including marching in the Pride Parade, summer barbecues, outdoor climbing & camping trips both in and out of the Boston area.

For more information, please head over and check out our Events page on Facebook.

Familiar Faces

Feeling lost or timid at a climb?
Don’t hesitate to say hi to one of our friendly board members or climb leaders.